Monthly Archives: February 2015

Reviewing Service Logs Online

Attention Employers and Employees!

Employers, did you know you have access to your employees’ Service Logs through your web portal account?  This important report will tell you the date of service, the type of service, time in and out, rate of pay, total hours, pay status, pay date, who created the entry and when and who approved the time entry and when.

To view the service log:

  1. Sign into the web portal
  2. Click “reports”
  3. Click “CDMO Employee Time – Cust”
  4. Select the employee(s) and the date range you wish you to look at

Employees also have access to this same report, though only their information, through their own web portal account.  This makes it possible for the employee, to see when/if their employer has approved their time entries and when that time will be paid.  Please call our office at 1-877-532-8565 if you have questions or need assistance accessing or understanding this report.