About Missouri Consumer Direct

about[2]Since 1997, Consumer Direct has been working directly with individuals self-directing their care in their homes, communities and villages building quality service systems and collaborating effectively with state programs. Our sister companies are located in Alaska, Arizona, Idaho, FloridaMinnesota, Montana, NevadaNew MexicoWisconsin and Texas. Collectively, we provide services to thousands of individuals.

Partnering with Consumer Direct:

Our goal is to take the mystery and complexity out of managing caregivers and services through excellent customer service. This starts with a face-to-face meeting. Consumer Direct reviews:

  • The models of self-direction
  • The Individual’s and/or Managing Party’s role and Consumer Direct’s role
  • The completion of required employee paperwork
  • Tools for recruiting and training caregivers.
  • The time sheet/payroll process

We believe our job is to provide the right tools so you succeed in managing your supports and achieve your goals. On an ongoing basis Consumer Direct will assist with tasks such as:

  • Facilitating caregiver background checks
  • Caregiver record retention
  • Processing time sheet and issuing pay checks
  • Withholding and filing employer and caregiver related payroll taxes
  • Ensuring Worker’s Compensation and Unemployment Coverage
  • Compliance with Federal and State rules and regulations
  • Providing spending summaries (On-line access available)