Missouri Consumer Direct

Consumer Direct began providing self-directed services in Missouri in 2012.  Our goal is to provide quality support so you and your team are successful in managing your service and supports.

Self-directed services give you:

  • More choice
  • More flexibility
  • More control
  • More independence

This results in a higher level of satisfaction and quality of life in your home and community.

You are responsible for directing your own care or for choosing a representative to assist you.

For information about Missouri Consumer Direct, call toll free: 1 (877) 532-8565.

Phone System: Technical Difficulties 2/6/2015

Consumer Direct is experiencing technical difficulties with our phone system. Our IT staff is hard at work to correct the issue and hopefully it will be resolved soon. In the meantime you can reach our office by emailing InfoMO@consumerdirectonline.net. We apologize for any inconvenience.

Division of Developmental Disabilities’ Self-Directed Services January 2015 Newsletter

The Division of Developmental Disabilities has produced their January edition of their Self-Directed Services newsletter.

It can be viewed/downloaded by clicking here.


The IRS requires that all 2014 W-2s be mailed to employees no later than 2/2/2015.  In past years the date has been January 31st, but in 2015 that date falls on a weekend so the deadline was moved to the next business day.  Last year we experienced significant postal delays – hopefully that will not be the case this year.  If you have moved please check with the Consumer Direct office to ensure we have your correct address so there is no major delay in receiving your W-2.  You may reach us by email at infoMO@consumerdirectonline.net or by phone at 1-877-532-8565.  Happy New Year!!