Missouri Consumer Direct

Consumer Direct began providing self-directed services in Missouri in 2012.  Our goal is to provide quality support so you and your team are successful in managing your service and supports.

Self-directed services give you:

  • More choice
  • More flexibility
  • More control
  • More independence

This results in a higher level of satisfaction and quality of life in your home and community.

You are responsible for directing your own care or for choosing a representative to assist you.

For information about Missouri Consumer Direct, call toll free: 1 (877) 532-8565.


The IRS requires that all 2014 W-2s be mailed to employees no later than 2/2/2015.  In past years the date has been January 31st, but in 2015 that date falls on a weekend so the deadline was moved to the next business day.  Last year we experienced significant postal delays – hopefully that will not be the case this year.  If you have moved please check with the Consumer Direct office to ensure we have your correct address so there is no major delay in receiving your W-2.  You may reach us by email at infoMO@consumerdirectonline.net or by phone at 1-877-532-8565.  Happy New Year!!

Important SDS Changes Effective 1/1/15

HAPPY NEW YEAR!! As an employer you must be aware of some important changes to the SDS program effective 1/1/15:

  1. The Division of Developmental Disabilities changed their Self-Directed Services Program rules to state that every employee, per Employer of Record, will have to stay at 40 hours per week or under, no exceptions. The work week begins Sunday at 12:00 am through Saturday at 11:59 pm. The Consumer Direct web portal was modified to not allow time entry exceeding 40 hours per employer.
  2. The Missouri Federal Tax Insurance rate was reduced to .60%.

If you have questions in regards to these matters or anything else please contact our office by phone at 1-877-532-8565 or by email at infoMO@consumerdirectonline.net

URGENT: Clerical Error in New FEA Employment Agreements

MO Consumer Direct has discovered a clerical error on the FEA Employment Agreements mailed out on November 03, 2014 – November 04, 2014.  These were sent to each Individual/Designated Representative and the agreement listed all employee wages at $12.83 per hour.  Please disregard this page, as this rate is not reflective of your employee’s accurate wage.  We are working to correct this page of the agreement for each of your employees and will immediately send an updated agreement for you to sign and return to our office.  We apologize for any inconvenience or confusion this may have caused.  Please call our office if you have questions or do not receive an updated agreement.  In the meantime, if you prefer, you may white out the incorrect wage and write in the correct one and mail it to our office in the self-addressed stamped envelope you received.